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cast iron castings

Cast Iron Castings

Sioux City Foundry has been pouring Cast Iron Castings for over 140 years. Take advantage of our knowledge and experience. Let us save you time and money on your next project. Call 888-550-2564 and speak with a member of our qualified sales team for a free quote today.

Quality Cast Iron Castings

For hundreds of years, quality Cast Iron Castings have provided solutions to many industrial and architectural challenges from bells and plows, to the steam engines and pumps that drove the industrial revolution. Cast iron castings make our modern world possible. Currently, cast iron castings are among some of the primary components used for many industrial, architectural and engineering projects and products.

From projects containing modern industrial components to an historical reproduction of an architectural element, Sioux City Foundry can work with you. We use our expertise to help clients progress from idea to engineering drawings, pattern development & construction, to mold production, parts casting in a variety of alloys, then to finishing. By partnering with our customers, we can help create projects from conception to finished product. Our long history and modern technology have given us the experience and knowledge to help make your project a success.

Whether you require a single custom casting or ten thousand units, Sioux City Foundry can meet your specific needs. Our casting sizes range froma few ounces to several thousand pounds. Quick order turn-around, high quality products and services, along with competitive pricing make Sioux City Foundry an industry leader. We have the experience, equipment, knowledge and capabilities to deliver just what you need. Our Midwest location allows us to provide best-in-class products and delivery to customers across the US and around the world.

In addition to pouring custom castings, we also offer readily available specialty products, such as Pile Drive Hammers, Follow Blocks and Breaker Balls.
Call 888-550-2564 for more information.