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blade fabrication

Hardox® WearpartsHardox® Wearparts logo

Hardox® Wearparts

SSAB, a global leader in the production of value-added, high-strength steels, has selected Sioux City Foundry as a Hardox® Wearparts manufacturer. We process various widths, gauges and grades of this high-strength steel to meet customer-specific requirements. Core customer segments include customers in the agriculture, construction, heavy transport, energy and mining industries. Call us today at 844-HARDOX-1 to see how Sioux City Foundry can save you time and money on your wear parts with Hardox®.

Hardness and Toughness Working Together

Cutting Edge Properties

Hardox® Wearplate Welding Hardox® Wearplate Welding

FLATNESS: Flat plates can easily be welded to each other without problems with the welding gap.

UNIFORM THICKNESS: The narrow tolerances for thickness guarantees your finished structure will be as light as you expect.

INTERNALLY RELAXED: Careful heat treatment during production means that plates stay flat when cut into smaller pieces.

Keeping All Industries Up and Running

Agriculture Construction Energy Mining Heavy Transport

We service all industries providing wear products for situations where steel meets abrasive material. Hardox® Wearparts will keep your production running with thousands of wear products to meet your needs.

Strength and Hardness Wear Resistance
Hardox® Machining Hardox® 400 Hardox® Wearparts

Fighting Wear with Knowledge, Products & Services

Hardox® Cutting Hardox® Machining Hardox® Welding Hardox® Bendng

Hardox® material is suitable for cutting. We can process your parts using plasma, oxy-fuel, and laser cutting.

Hardox® material is easy to machine. Drilling, countersinking, tapping, turning and milling are made with high-speed steel tools to ensure accuracy and durability.

Hardox® has great weldability to any type of weldable steel. Flatness and narrow thickness tolerances make automatic welding easy, and shorten the time for fit up and tacking.

The uniform properties, close thickness tolerances and smooth surface make Hardox® well suited to free bending and roll bending.