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blade fabrication

Cutting Blades

Sioux City Foundry has been selling Cutting Blades for almost a decade, and it has become one of our most popular products. These blade systems are available in High-Carbon and Heat-Treated (through-hardened) steels. Sioux City Foundry delivers high quality cutting blade products. No matter the season, Sioux City Foundry has the right blades and accessories to save you time and money. Spring is just around the corner! Call us today to see how we can save you time and money by providing you with the right blade products to fit your needs.

Snow Plow Blades

We sell a variety of blades including:

*Cutting blades can be used on all major brands and equipment, including: Ashland®, Bobcat®, Case IH®, CAT®, Fiatallis, Gehl®, John Deere®, Kawasaki® and Volvo®.

High-Carbon BladeSee the Difference!MaxTempS? Blade

High-Carbon grader blades provide the most economical solution in high-abrasion, low-impact applications.
Heat-Treated, through-hardened blades provide a balance between wear resistance and impact breakage.

Loader Blades

Loader Blades

Sioux City Foundry offers a complete line of weld-on and bolt-on base edges and replaceable cutting edges for all major brands and equipment. Edges are precision punched and drilled to exact sizes using state of the art machinery to ensure easy installation.

Grader Blades

We offer customers a complete line of curved, double-bevel cutting blades, regular and overlay bits, and ground engaging tools for motor graders. Surface hardened grader cutting edges provide maximum wear resistance. The unique design is self-sharpening for maximum penetration. Serrated grader blades are also available in select sizes.

Dozer Blades

Dozer blade edges and end bits are precision punched for easy installation and are available in high-carbon and heat-treated steel. Dozer edges and end bits provide better penetration, which reduces fuel consumption. Our dozer edges are self-sharpening for maximum penetration, providing longer wear-life and increasing machine availability. Offerings include OEM standard, heavy duty, and extra heavy duty.

Scraper Blades

Scraper Blades are designed to extend wear life and sharpness, which decreases cycle times and reduces cost per yard moved. No matter what your digging conditions, we have the right scraper/edge combination to fit your needs. Scrapers are equipped with quality cutting edges to work longer on high-speed schedules with less frequent downtime for cutting edge changes. Our scrapers' drop-center serrated cutting edges and close set teeth allow blades to break up soil with less resistance and level each cut with no deep ridges. It's self-sharpening teeth provide continued maximum penetration, as well as fight abrasion wear and impact breakage for longer cutting edge life. Cutting blades can be easily changed from toothed to straight cutting edge to allow flexibility for multiple job conditions.

Snowplow Blades

A complete line of snowplow blades is available at Sioux City Foundry. All edges are precision punched for quick and easy mounting and are produced from only the highest quality steels. These high carbon steel blades fit all major brands and sizes, and feature excellent balance of abrasion resistance and impact protection. Flame-hardened blades in 3/4" and 1" thicknesses provide increased wear life. Leading and trailing surfaces continually sharpen the cutting edge and prevent silvering, as well as cut ice and compacted snow on the first pass. Virgin tungsten carbide inserts are the strongest and most wear-resistant material in the world. Carbide inserted blades feature longer wear-life than any other type of snowplow blade. Don't get caught in the snow without a snowplow blade for your equipment. Call Sioux City Foundry today for more information about our snowplow blades and see how we can save you time and money this winter.

Call 888-331-4660 today, and let our experienced staff help you find the right cutting blades and accessories to meet your needs.