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metal casting

Metal Casting Castings foundry iron castings

Metal Casting

A family-owned company approaching 150 years of experience pouring gray and ductile iron castings, has made Sioux City Foundry the benchmark of excellence. Sioux City Foundry is capable of producing castings from a few ounces, up to three-thousand five-hundred pounds utilizing green sand and no-bake molding. We produce high quality Metal Casting products and provide exceptional customer service. Trust Sioux City Foundry with your next metal casting project. Call 888-550-2564 for a quote today!

Quality Control

Exceptional castings begin with a controlled source of certified material. Recycling metal from its own fabrication facility guarantees greater quality control of incoming material. All materials and processes are continuously monitored in Sioux City Foundry's in-house laboratory. Recognized for exceptional on-time delivery, short lead time, and quality castings. Sioux City Foundry provides award-winning customer service.

Variety of Iron Castings

Sioux City Foundry pours a variety of castings, including:

Ductile Iron Foundry

Sioux City Foundry's Metal Casting department utilizes over 125,000 sq. ft. of production space and is equipped to handle all of our customers' needs. Our new furnaces allow us to produce high quality, cost-effective castings; whether you require ten ductile iron castings or ten thousand gray iron castings. Our customers receive their orders on time, whether they're close by, or thousands of miles away. Our Midwest location allows us to efficiently ship to customers across the US and around the world.

Gray Iron Castings

Sioux City Foundry has the capability to repair existing, as well as design and produce new iron casting patterns. We utilize No-Bake and Hunter machinery to produce molds for ductile and gray iron castings from a few ounces to a few tons.

Our furnaces can pour various grades of cast iron, including gray and ductile iron, as much as thirty tons in an eight-hour period. We also provide in-house heat-treating capabilities. Heat-treating is one of the most commonly used metallurgical processes for altering properties of a material. Finally, we use blasting and grinding equipment to give your castings a clean and professional look.